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Revision3: HD Nation

HD Nation covers the week in High-Definition news, reviews, tips and tricks. Hosts Patrick Norton and Robert Heron will quench the thirst for stunning visuals and the ultimate surround sound by providing everything from reviews of the latest in home theater equipment, the best new Blu-Ray titles and the most amazing free sources of HD content. If you're trying to get the absolute best out of your viewing experience, or trying to put together a home theater on a budget, there is no better alternative than HD Nation.

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2013 HDTVs are out, which means there are some sick bargains to be had on 2012 HDTVs! Does LG's Hecto really use lasers to throw a 100-inch picture from 22 inches away? Plasma Picks: choosing between the Panasonic GT50 and ST60 isn't hard, but we really want the ZT60. Randall's wondering, "will we see a new generation of Lumagen and DVDO processors as 4k becomes more available... or is the stand alone video processor dead?"
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